Refund Policy

  1. If a Student gets admission in any Medical / Engineering College located in India for MBBS / BDS / B.Tech. / B.E. / B.Arch. through any Competitive Examination, refund will be made after deducting 50% of the prescribed fee out of amount paid by the student. Last date for such special case refund is 30/09/2019 For this following documents must be submitted along with prescribed Refund Application Form.
  2. No fee or registration amount that is 11,000/- or any part of the fee will be refunded nor will any request for the same be entertained under any circumstances.
  3. For the purpose of calculations of refund the date of commencement of the batch will be considered and not the date of joining of any student in the institute.
  4. The calculation will be done from the date of submission of refund application only with co-ordinator signature only.
  5. If the student becomes disinterested in the institute due to any reason whatsoever and wants to take his/her money back, the institute will not refund any part of the fee deposited with the institute.
  6. It is for the student himself/herself to see whether he/she is eligible for a particular examination or not. The institute does not hold itself responsible if a student’s admission form cannot be forwarded or is rejected by the examining body on any ground whatsoever. Such a student cannot claim a refund of the whole or any part of the fee he/she has paid to the institute.
  7. 7. No fee refund will be entertained in case of transfer/reallocation of the place of residence to another city.
Course Name Before Commencement of classes From the date of commencement of the classes
0 -7 Days 7 - 15 Days After 15 Days
TYRP (XIth class) 10% 15% 25% No Refund
OYRP (XIIth class) 10% 15% 25% No Refund
Dropper Batch 10% 15% 25% No Refund